There are 48 countries in Asia, but that list is a mess.  At least 3 countries (Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey) have part of their land in Europe. For example, Michèle and I have been to Istanbul, which is in European Turkey, and we have also been to Kas, which is in Asian Turkey. Not too confusing, right. But check this out – Armenia and Cyprus are situated entirely in Western Asia, but consider themselves to be sociopolitically European countries. Sounds snobby. Wait it gets worse. Israel, Palestine and a bunch more are listed as being in Asia, but are also listed in the Middle East.

Michèle was born in Ipoh, Malaysia and spent her childhood there, and in Thailand and Singapore. She was a great tour guide when we travelled there together. In fact, while in a restaurant in Malaysia, she inadvertently began ordering in Malay.

Here’s where we went:

  • Indonesia
    • Bali
    • Jakarta
    • Jojakarta
      • Borobudur
      • Prambanan,
  • Japan
    • Tokyo
  • Korea (The Safe One)
    • Seoul
  • Malaysia
    • Ipoh
    • Kuala Lumpur
    • Penang
    • Pulau Tioman
  • Maldives
    • Male
    • Thuligari
      • And the island where we took Michèle after the Lion Fish Sting.
  • Nepal
    • Kathmandu
  • Philippines
    • Bataan Peninsula
    • Corregidor Island
    • Manilla
    • Pagsanjan
    • Quezon City
  • Singapore
    • Singapore City
  • Sri Lanka
    • Columbo
  • Thailand
    • Bangkok
    • Kanchanabura
    • Ko Phi Phi
    • Pattaya
    • Phuket
  • Taiwan (Considered a de facto country?)
    • Taipei
  • Turkey
    • Bodrum
    • Ephesus
    • Fethiye
    • Kas
    • Kusidasi
    • Marmaris
    • Oludeniz

So, what’s on the list to go back to see: Vietnam – Michèle’s mother was born and grew up here as a French expat. (Though part of that time was under the Japanese occupation during the Second World War. NOT FUN!) Cambodia – Michèle’s sister was born in Phnom Penh. We’d like to visit the temple at Angkor wat. Lots of phun to be phound with this country’s phonics.

ASIAN MIDDLE EAST: Most definitely Israel and Palestine and a few other ancient civilizations that Michèle and I would consider, if they get their act together! Stern Warning!

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