STUPID SOUVENIRS is an ANTI travel blog/travelogue featuring a collection of our funny international travel stories in words, pictures, videos and yes, stupid souvenirs! If you’re looking for something a bit different and enjoy travel humor… then this site is for YOU!

WE ARE JOE AND MICHELE MOZIAN and we have been visually documenting our trips together for nearly 3 decades, from a post-college backpack tour of Europe, to over 60 countries and countless cities ever since. We’ve been filming our international adventures long before the internet was even a thing and way before posting online was ever a phrase. We certainly didn’t think we’d be sharing our adventures with an audience, which brings us to a minor issue:

  • A MINOR ISSUE:  Michèle is not exactly fond of the idea of me sharing our personal memories with the world. But it’s 2017, and if it’s not online, then it never happened. Right kids? I’m looking through decades of videos and pictures to find fun stuff to post, which Michèle will be seeing for the first time, along with everybody else. That’s hilarious to me – Sorry Michèle.

THIS SITE IS A TRAVELOGUE about our funny interactions (and mis-interactions) with each other and different cultures from around the world. On our trips, we stay with friends, at fancy hotels and at dumps. We eat at family homes, chic restaurants, outdoor markets and make-shift stalls on the streets. Sometimes our days start at 6AM and sometimes that’s when they end. Sometimes we get sick and have to go to the hospital. We’ve photographed and videotaped it all.

  • The Maldives lion fish sting that almost killed Michèle.
  • The New Zealand business trip where I almost drowned rafting.
  • Why the best way to see the Louvre is in a wheelchair.
  • Hiding on the floor of a taxi during a brewing Nepalese revolution.
  • The Honeymoon from hell!

Our funny travel stories are meant to entertain and inspire you to appreciate the humor in this world and to go out and collect some Stupid Souvenirs of your own!


ANTI TRAVEL BLOG does not mean that we are against travel blogs or travel bloggers. Quite the opposite. This site was inspired by some of the amazing travel blogs and bloggers that are posting today. But this site reads more like a funny travelogue written mostly for entertainment.

WHAT YOU WONT FIND HERE are posts with EDM soundtracks over aerial drone videos of Michèle in sponsored swimwear, bungee-jumping off of a bridge in New Zealand. Or me in a thong, cliff diving at a remote beach in Thailand. (Wait! Did I just mix those up?)

OR LISTS LIKE  “10 THINGS TO PACK FOR A HORSEBACK RIDE IN THE RAINFOREST!” Personally, I don’t care what you bring, but if I were you I’d get a guide-book. Also, different people have different needs. For example: Once, while entering Botswana for a safari, we watched a women explain to the Customs Official what an electric toothbrush was and why she was bringing it into the bush.

There are probably a thousand sites that offer the above info, so if you need to leave and follow the pack, no worries.


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