Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of articles with headlines like, “The World’s Most Beautiful, Undiscovered Beaches That No One Knows About!” These articles provide specific details about where these secret beaches are and how to get there. Furthermore, they feature aerial images taken at sunrise, when no one is even at the beach yet, hence undiscovered.

But with the proliferation of these hyperbolic-articles on social media, travel bloggers are inadvertently creating bucket list destinations, sending tourists flocking to these beaches in droves. Doesn’t that contradict the entire theme of the article? Yes it does! It won’t be long before cruise ships start morning off shore, dumping thousands of tourists on these secret beaches, for a 3 hour tour. A three hour tour.

So in keeping with my status as an ANTI travel blogger, here is my pick for THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SECLUDED SECRET UNDISCOVERED BEACH IN THE WORLD!
secluded confidential imageDo not hesitate to go! The experience will change your life. Please share so that others may flock their as well.