Nice, France Beach – Bring Flip Flops!

There seems to be a conscious effort by the French to keep Americans off their beaches. If it’s not a bunch of German soldiers shooting at us along their northern coasts, then it’s pebbles and rocks digging into our arches on the southern beaches in Nice.

Nice beaches do not have sand, they have giant pebbles and rocks. Billions and Billions of pebbles and rocks litter the Nice shoreline. Unless your feet are hoof-like, it’s going to be a pretty unpleasant experience. And if the waves are rough, you basically get pounded and tumbled over these stones. And when you come out, you can barely walk. Mostly the water is calm, so the abuse is not a regular occurrence. But every time we go to Nice something called a mistral comes. It’s like a hurricane for the south of France. It usually hits only in winter and spring, or whenever I personally go in July or August. Seriously. Our family that live in Nice, make it a point not to water their gardens during the summer if they know I’ll be there, and with me, the rain of the mistral.

joes head nice beach

Me nearly drowning because I don’t want to get out!

Also, it is not easy building sand castles with pebbles and rocks. It just ends up looking like a pile of war-torn rubble. Score another point for my Dad!

Aside from the most amazing color water, the only other reason to go to the beach in Nice, France is to view the unencumbered French topless sunbathers. But Steve Jobs ruined that forever – read how COMING SOON!!

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