Joe Mozian

After Michele, (UGH!!! MicheÈÈÈÈle) and I met in college, we formed an electronic music band called, Blue Clocks Green, released a record, did a little touring, and made and sold some art. You can visit the band’s Facebook Page or listen to our songs on iTunes or Amazon. The song, Hemingway, went top 10 on over 100 college and alternative radio stations. Fun!

Blue Clocks Green

Blue Clocks Green 1988

That led to a job in the music industry. (What’s a music industry? Right kids?) About a year in, I was transferred to the international division and did a ton of traveling, dragging Michèle along with me, including back to Asia where she grew up.

I got to work with some pretty cool folks:

Joe Mozian and George Lucas

With Jedi George.

joe mozian and howard stern

With the King of All Media, Howard Stern.


With the Knight of All Beatledom, George Martin.

As the music industry started to decline, and I could no longer convince the GM why I needed to go Uzbekistan to sell music, I changed directions and focused on producing humor content for print, web and TV.  I got to meet more interesting people.

joe mozian and oprah winfrey

Sorry Oprah, I’m married!

Michèle and I settled down a bit, had two boys who played travel sports and got to see a lot of North America. Maybe too much to be completely honest. Seriously, we spent a cruel amount of time traveling within the US, but we hit up every museum and legendary family-run restaurants in our path.

We took the boys to Europe a few times (to the horror of travel sports parents everywhere) and started them off with a 10 country introduction, and as usual, countless cities.

Now what? Who the %$@# knows!

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